In need of a modern, more reliable lift system? Where a new lift may be too costly, a Foulds Lifts refurbishment can be the ideal cost effective solution.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry means that we can work on lifts from all manufacturers. We can tailor-make a solution for you, from upgrading or replacing minor components through to a complete update of every aspect of your entire lift installation.

Lift interior, doors or architraves look worn or out of date?

At Foulds Lifts, we supply a wide range of fittings and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets. Your upgraded lift will be both stylish and durable to meet with the demands of today's busy working environment. You can have as much or as little involvement in the design scheme as you choose and Foulds Lifts will do the rest.

Lift performance not meeting your demands?

Although traditionally lift traction units have an enviable track record for reliability, the time comes when even the most robust equipment needs to be replaced. New drives can be fitted at the top or bottom of the lift shaft depending on available space, and gearboxes can be built with a wide range of ratios and speeds. Whatever the workload, drive units supplied by Foulds Lifts are carefully selected to give unsurpassed performance and extended life.

Upgrading the control system can have a vast improvement on lift performance, levelling accuracy and power consumption. Old relays and switchgear are replaced by state of the art microprocessor controls and energy efficient variable speed drives. All control panels are fully EMC compliant.

Not sure if your lift complies with the latest safety legislation and standards?

We keep up to date with all of the latest standards and legislation so you don't have to. Call Foulds Lifts for a free of charge, no obligation site survey to check for any aspects of non-compliance.

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